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  •       The Shih Shu-ching Archive was inaugurated in 2015. National Museum of Taiwan Literature was in charge of its establishment; professor Chiu Kuei-fen with the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature and Transnational Cultural Studies at National Chung Hsing University oversaw its planning, with Dr. Chen Siao-Yun at the helm of web content compilation. The site combines Timeline JS, online reading options, and images taken from traditional opera adaptations to document Shih's creative process. The Archive features a timeline to track Shih's artistic journey, plus manuscripts, publications, translated works, prefaces and commentaries, "the Luo Jin Travelogue," online reading, theses, and a summary of the Archive's beginning. The project is intended for documenting Taiwan's literary history and promoting Taiwan literature through digitization.

      The National Chung Hsing University wishes to acknowledge the contributions of every scholar, government agencies, and individuals to the establishment of the Archives: professor Shih Shu with the Department of Chinese, Tamkang University; professor Nanxiu Qian with the Department of Asian Studies, Rice University; professor Liou Liang-ya with the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University; professor David Der-wei Wang with the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Harvard University; Dr. Chen Siao-Yun; Chen Yi-xiang at Q-Chen Image; Liu Wan-yi with National Taipei University of the Arts; National Center for Traditional Arts; National Taiwan Normal University; NTNU Library; Taiwan Public Television Service; English translator Jennifer Shih Carson; Lin Chih-wei; and finally, the team at NCHU - including professor Chiu Kuei-fen with the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature and Transnational Cultural Studies, professor Chen Yu-yi with the Department of Management Information Systems, assistants Wu Ming-lun, Tsai Yi-lin, Hung Chien-mei, and graduate students Chang Fang-yu and Tseng Shih-hsiang.

      All ownership rights, copyright and intellectual property in the materials on this website, including the content, words, sounds, and images, belong to or have been legally approved for use by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL). Those seeking to download, copy, change, distribute, publicly release or use the material in any other way must first acquire the consent of NMTL. NMTL reserves all legal rights for unauthorized use.

    Meet the team
    Director:Chiu Kuei-fen
    Consultant: Shih Shu-ching
    Technical consultant: Chen Yu-yi
    Web content editor: Chen Siao-Yun
    Web designer: Tsai Yi-lin, Wu Ming-lun, and Hung Chien-mei
    English website translator: Lin Chih-wei
    English website editor: Jennifer Shih Carson